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Carré de Jaude ***

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Privilodges & Our Philosophy

Share your Lives and Desires

For Privilodges, your comfort and satisfaction are our number one priority. 
Our hospitality and services are suited perfectly for researchers, businessmen, families, solo travelers and students of all ages.
Our values ​​embody your expectations:

Our Approach

Hospitality Our expertise and sense of welcoming to any student, traveler, businessman or family is unmatched. Satisfying the needs for all. Our team stays up and innovates relentlessly while assuring you the best service possible.

Conviviality Feel at home with our apartment hotel residences. It is one of our goals to ensure that our guests have a pleasant stay in a friendly and safe atmosphere. An ideal place to unwind and enjoy life naturally. Privilodges is here for you.

Serenity We make a commitment to guarantee your serenity! Ensuring to serve you as best we can, leave your concerns about your stay in our trusted hands. With peace of mind you can focus on enjoying your time and just relaxing.

Privilodges Clermont-Ferrand Carré de Jaude ***

For your stay of business or enjoyment, the concept of Privilodges Carré de Jaude *** offers a selection of apartment hotels with additional services. Our offers range from a studio (1 to 2 people) to a larger 2 room apartment (1 to 4 people), both containing fully equipped kitchens. Our hotel is situated 20m from Place de Jaude, located near many restaurants and places of leisure. Within the hotel is a lobby space including seating and a quiet and subtle terrace to relax and enjoy…


Our Approach

We adapt ourselves to your desires

with two categories of accommodation

  • Apartment
    Our studio and two room offers provides both quality and a comfort into a well-equipped living space.
  • Premium apartment
    An upgraded larger furnished apartment that will provide some extra space for a bit more comfort.

Our Team Director

Mme. Aurélie Zariquiegui

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